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What Do You Have to Say for Yourself?

Perhaps, like me, when you were young and we sometimes made a mistake by disobeying our parents, one would say, "What do you have to say for yourself?" Well, I had a variety of things to say depending upon the circumstances. I might say, "The dog ate it," or some other intelligent thing like that. Actually, I was usually caught off guard by the question.

There is a great day coming and sooner than most of us plan, where we will be asked a similar question about how we spent the life that God gave us to use glorifying and honoring Him. When judgement day comes, we won't be able to say anything but the truth concerning our time spent here on earth.

Every day is a gift from God to be used for His glory. The gift can be taken away sooner than we had planned. Will you be ready to look on the face of the Lord and give answer of what you did with your time here? Will I?

Every hour is precious. This morning I was speaking with a church member when the question came up, "If I knew next Sunday morning would be the last time I would be able to speak to our congregation before we all meet the Lord face to face; how might it change what I would say?" I feel sure it would put a more serious tone into my voice; a more desperate look in my eye. Knowing that after this there would be no further chance to tell the story of Jesus, and that as a result there may be someone who might not understand God's plan for salvation, I'm sure my tone would change.

Though the above is a possible scenario, it could be true. For someone, this Sunday, it will be true. What about you? If you knew you wouldn't be on top of the ground next week at this time, who would you go to talk to? How serious would you be knowing that this would be the very last time you would speak to each other before eternity? Who is it that you would go visit.

Perhaps, you should go soon. Why not call them right now and set up an appointment for later today?

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