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Winter Wonderland

The first snow of the season has flurried, according to some of you, thus having everyone give fall a miss and go straight from summer to winter, it seems. Last night we decorated the church for Christmas as best we could, and Saturday we'll box Thanksgiving meals before setting up the Nativity scene out front. As the song goes, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas -- even though it's still mid-November.

Despite the fact it feels far too early for all this, it's time to get ready for all our winter and Christmas events. We gave out coats last Saturday, we'll distribute our meal boxes on Monday, the Hanging of the Greens is two weeks from Sunday (and the Christmas play the week after that), then we'll go caroling . . . We're practically already in a winter wonderland, and we haven't even made it to Thanksgiving yet.

With everything coming up, we're going to need all hands on deck. Please come out and participate in all we have going on over the next month or so. I know some things fall during working hours, but try to make it to what you can. This is our busy season as a church, and it's the time of the year we are most free to share the gospel with others, both in word and in deed -- in word as we tell the story of Jesus and share love and encouragement, and in deed as we physically do things to demonstrate God's love for others. Both are vital to the mission of the Church.

It may snow, it may sleet, and may be cold and downright nasty, but God's love warms our souls. Enjoy the coming winter wonderland and use it as an opportunity to do work for the kingdom of God.

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