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An Unlikely Savior

From Bro. Chris -- Yesterday I enjoyed having two student "job shadows" share my day. As part of getting to do what I do, John agreed to write the blog post for today. Thanks, John!

Throughout current media, and media since when it became distributed to the public, traces of the Bible are seen throughout all media, including cinematics, literature, and even news writings. One I will focus on, as to prove the evidence of literature drawing parallels to the Bible. A prime example is in the novel by Thomas Keneally or movie directed by Stephen Spielberg, Schindler's List.

The novel follows Oskar Schindler, who makes a fortune off the oppressed Jews, but comes to value life and uses his fortune to save who he exploited. The plot of Schindler's List, in the beginning, Schindler falls victim to the corruption of evil, temptation of sin, and greed corrupted him, causing a persecution of the Jews. However, Schindler leaves behind his old ways of being ridden and burdened by sin, and becomes a hero, a savior to the Jews.

Schindler leads the Jews to their salvation, and free from their persecution, much like Moses led the Israelites from Egypt, granting them safe passage, and eventually eloquent shelter for them to rebuild and worship in peace, free from harm.

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