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A Matter of Faith

It's a simple fact everyone believes in something. The true skeptic just doesn't exist. People may not believe in God, they may not believe in love, they may not believe in leprechauns or vaccines or that the earth is round or whatever, but they still believe something. It could be as simple as the belief they'll draw their next breath without complications or something as complex as the idea our universe is just an alien computer simulation. But everyone believes in something.

That can be a bit dangerous, honestly. There are far too many things out there begging for our belief, all of them vying to become the next idol of the world. Celebrities treat their devoted fans as worshipers (and many fans see them as gods or goddesses). Many maintain science is the only way to know anything at all. False gods have existed since before Moses learned the name of Yahweh at the burning bush. And even if all those fail, an entire generation has come up who place their belief primarily in the self. This is the "follow your heart" crowd, the ones posting selfies every thirty seconds and demanding we all compliment them. Narcissism and relativism abound as they trust no one and believe in nothing beyond themselves.

The self makes a terrible god.

We need to reclaim the importance of faith in life. The Church should step up and say, "We all know you believe something. Let me tell you the ultimate reason for faith." We all have a hole in our souls, and we pledge allegiance to anything that might try to fill it. But that hole is cross-shaped, and it can only be properly filled by faith in God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

What do you believe in?

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