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I realize I've already posted one Rudolph-inspired blog, but hear me out. The Island of Misfit Toys is a place for any unusual or unwanted toy to find a home, toys like a Charlie-in-the-box, an ostrich-riding cowboy, and a train with a square-wheeled caboose. Seen as different or useless, the misfits banded together on an island until (you guessed it) they're rescued by Rudolph & Company.

The Church is the place for Misfits.

The Church is something called an alternative community. It's a family made up of people who live in ways that don't line up with prevailing cultural values (hence "alternative"). Society will value one thing; the Church will value another. The Church says, "Do this!"; Society says, "Don't you dare!" and vice-versa. The differences are greater in other parts of the world, places where the worship of other gods is demanded by law or where being a Christian results in death.

But we notice an increase in the alternatives we offer in our own culture. Our stances on marriage, the sanctity of life, care for the poor and the refugee, and many other things are out of step with the views of our culture. We're misfits. This doesn't mean we give up, give in, and change our beliefs. It means we continue to provide alternatives, continue to promote biblical truth no matter the consequences. We cannot call people to leave the world and join Christ if we're identical to the world and offer no real alternatives.

Dare to be a misfit. Dare to be part of the alternative. Dare to follow Jesus.

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