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It's Over

If you didn't stay awake last night to watch the results roll in, and in case you've deliberately avoided the news this morning, let me break it to you that you have a new President-Elect of the United States. Regardless of whether you voted for Mr. Trump or not, you and I can agree on a few things: 1) Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence need our prayers, even before they take office in January; 2) our country continues to need our prayers; and 3) we can all rejoice and praise God from whom all blessings flow the election is finally over.

That's right: it's over. Done. It is finished. The most contentious, disgusting, hard-fought, dirty presidential election in U.S. history is finally over. Christians of all stripes and walks of life have been appalled for months at everything this election had (and failed) to offer. The average American citizen was in the same boat, forced to endure seemingly endless campaign ads, debates, accusations, counterattacks, and a panoply of other repulsive political machinations. But it's over. We can turn on our televisions in relative safety now. We can log into Facebook again and resume following our friends who went overboard with the political posts.

Now we can all come back together as neighbors. Don't gloat if your candidate won; don't become bitter if your candidate lost. Don't judge the souls of those who voted differently than you did. Love one another. Unite as neighbors and fellow citizens. Pray for each other, the outgoing administration, and the incoming administration. And praise God that no matter who is in the White House, He is on the throne.

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