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Little Lamb Puppet-
Luke 15:6 I have found my sheep
And when he cometh home, he calleth together his friends and neighbors, saying unto them.  "Rejoice with me: for I have found my sheep which was lost. "

things you need:

  • paper

  • cotton balls

  • glue

  • sock

  • scissors

Preparation : 

  • Print the Lamb or draw a Lambs face.

  • Cut out the Lamb-

  • Glue cotton balls on the Lamb-

  • glue lamb onto sock to make a puppet

How to Play:

Children face you - place sock puppet on hand and show them how to move the puppet to make the motions.  Children make the motions as you reed the  rhyme

(Make a lamb by extending one hand out and making a fist  with the lamb / lamb face )

Little Lamb went out to play ( bounce the lamb playfully)

Little , little Lamb ( stroke lamb with other hand);

Little , little Lamb ran away ( hold lamb at arm's length)

Little , little Lamb ( look at lamb and shake head)

Shepherd boy went looking for  little lamb ( shade eyes with other hand and look around)

Little, little Lamb ( continue to look)

Brought him back home once more  ( reach out to the lamb with the other hand and bring lamb back to self).

Little little Lamb ( stroke lamb)

 Optional : Make take turns and one child be the lamb if a group activity

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